Hebridean Tour Guide

One of the most popular ‘Tours’ is the circular, which takes visitors around the west side of the island, taking in the famous Callanish Stones before looping back to Stornoway.

Leaving Surf View and heading toward Stornoway, turn right at the junction (instead of going to town) and follow the road across the Barvas Moor to the turnoff for Arnol, Shawbost and Carloway. Turn left, from here all places of interest are signposted.

Whalebone Arch at Bragar

Shawbost Folk Museum
Shawbost Norse Mill: The Norse Mill and Kiln are only accessible by foot an it’s about a quarter of a mile walk from the car park Both the mill and the kiln were in operation until the late 1930’s. The mill was powered by the Allt nam Breac (which literally means “trout stream”), which is a small river that flows out of Loch Roinavat.

Dalmore & Dalbeg These are two small beaches washed by the rollers straight off the Atlantic Ocean. Well worth the short detour have a look.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village step back in time to see how life was in a typical Hebridean village. Gearrannan can trace its history back over 300 years, but when the last people moved out in 1974 it was left deserted for almost a decade. Now painstakingly restored it plays host to visitors from all over the world, giving each a glimpse into the history and past lifestyle of the islanders.

Dun Carloway Broch; The Iron Age Broch at Carloway is a stunning example of a broch, or iron age fort.

Callanish Stones; They have stood for 4000 years on the headland overlooking Loch Roag, 53 pale grey stones of Lewisian gneiss. They rank second of importance only to Stonehenge and they are older. If you do nothing else on your Hebridean Holiday, visit Calanais.

Cailleach na Mointeach

"The Old Woman of the Moors"

“The Old Woman of the Moors”

Local people call her “Sleeping Beauty” in English or “Cailleach na Mointeach” in Gaelic – which translates as “The Old Woman of the Moors” a recumbent landscape Goddess. Sadly many visitors to Callanish miss her completely as they focus on the stones, neglecting to look at the contour of the skyline behind them.

We have taken you on the circular tour, but there are far more places to visit, we haven’t even mentioned Stornoway, Harris, Uig or Bernera. Take a look at our Places to Visit page to find out more.

The Callanish Stones

Circular Tour of Lewis’s West Side